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Do Not!... Do Not!...

Do Not!... Book any International Flights with Orbitz..Trust me on this.....You will be sorry......Idiots...Liars....Bait and Switch... Liars Again.....You will spend hours and hours on the phone to straighten out their mess....Their call center is in the Phillipines....

I don't know what else to say, except that you will be sorry that you booked a flight with them. Every other day you will receive an email and a recorded phone delivery message that states: We have been notified by the Airline of a significant change to your flight Itinerary.

Please contact at Orbitz Care at 1-877-------.

What a Joke. Nothing is ever confirmed nfor some reason......Always request an email with info and ALWAYS get the persons name.....Trust me on this.............Thats all...just warning....

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First of all, traveler should be the one to check or search if they need to have necessary documents, such as passport (transit)visa before traveling. Same as Restaurants, they don't actually informed if the food they served is good for you or what not they just serve foods.

Second, travel agency doesn't have rules. Since from the word itself "agency" they dont have airplanes, they actually follow the airlines rule or the passengers tickets rule. Third, Before purchasing any products or services online please read the terms and conditions first. If it says non refundable then that is non refundable.

Fourth, if your flight was cancelled or delayed still Agency doesn't have to do with this. They don't cancel or move the flight because they just want too. Its the airlines who cancelled and make some changes on their flights. Don't blame the agency if you received confirmation saying that your flights was canceled or changed from time to time.

They do this to keep you posted. Besides, you will also complain if the agency you book your tickets with will not inform you. Fifth, expect that if you gonna purchase a ticket from a travel agency based in US and you gonna call them and you're in a different country - you will have international phone bills. Have you think of this first before purchasing a ticket?

Sixth, travel agency is there to help you check and give you most reasonable and affordable tickets that suits your preference. HOWEVER, they cant waive airline fees. Airlines will not let the agency to use their credit to a different airlines. Will you let another passenger can use your credit?

Seventh, Im not an Orbitz employee.

I'd worked as a travel expert before from a different agency and now I do have different line of work. :grin

Seoul, Seoul, Republic Of Korea #621194

Customer care at orbitz intternational has the wrong number posted on their help website.

To change a booking they say you can do it on line but you cannot.

I have tried on line and calling.

Then my hotel helped and I have been on hold for 50 minutes.

Their cancelation program is a disaster.


You are so right! Orbitz is just a disgrace to deal with.

This is my first time dealing with them and definitely my last. I've been trying to cancel my international flight all week and was told I would receive a call back twice and still no call.

(and that was after waiting for 5 or more hours and 4 different calls).

Stay far away from Orbitz!!!!


I agree with the recommendation. I booked a flight from Denver to Santiago, Chile.

After the poor experience, which cost me lots of money and time with useless customer service, never ever looked back to book through Orbitz after that. I fly very often (700,000 miles in my frequent flyer program).

I have in general very good experience with my current preferred booking site even when some unexpected changes to plans have happened. So, based on my experience I would not recommend using Orbitz.


Dear Valued Customer,

My name is Vikki, and I am part of the Orbitz Customer Relations Team. I saw your comment and would like to see if I can look into this, and assist with your concern. Please email me with your email address or contact number. Our email address is customerrelations@orbitz.com. Please enter my name in the subject line.

I look forward to hearing from you.



Orbitz Customer Relations


I have been buying tickets to international flight to Panama and Switzerland and never had any problem and now I'm scare for what I read in here. Thank you anyway for your advise I don't want to find my self on a different country stock on any airport.


100% agree. I bought a ticket online from Orbitz.com departing from Jakarta (Indonesia) with final destination Toronto (Canada). Since there were no direct flight between Indonesia - Canada then I chose a flight plan that had me to transit twice in China. Below is the itinerary:

Sat, Dec 4 2010

Air China 978

Depart 1:10 AM Jakarta (Indonesia)

Arrive 7:25 AM Xiamen (China)

Air China 1810

Depart 11:55 AM Xiamen (China)

Arrive 02:35 PM Beijing (China)

Air Canada 32

Depart 06:45 PM Beijing (China)

Arrive 06:35 PM Toronto (Canada)

Just before midnight I went to the airport to check in but they asked for my chinese visa. I didn't aware that I needed a visa to transit in China. Turned out Xiamen is a domestic airport so it wasn't a connecting flight but was a stopover. Unfortunately visa on arrival was not possible either at that time, Air China has confirmed that.

The only option was to re-route my flight directly to Beijing but since my ticket was under Air Canada so Air China couldn't do anything about it. I went back home, confused about what should I do next and whether my ticket is still valid or not. It was 2 o'clock in the morning when I arrived home, tired but still managed to write a complaint letter to Air Canada.

Woke up in the morning I realized that it was Orbitz to blame since they didn't put any information about the stopover. I sent an email to them and thought that I should cancel my ticket. I canceled my ticket online at around 11 AM on Dec 4, it's probably too late but at least I tried. Orbitz replied back to me and apologize of what happened then asked me to call their customer service and reschedule my flight.

I waited for a couple of days and decided to reschedule the flight to Jan 2011 if possible. I then called them and turned out it wasn't possible to reschedule it since I already canceled the ticket. The only option was to refund my ticket and let me book a new flight myself. They charged me $200 to refund my ticket, I complaint that it wasn't my fault and they should have refunded all of my money.

The girl I was talking to on the phone said there wasn't any other options since she was only following the procedure. So I was forced to get the refund with $200 charge plus a long distance call for 20 min for the mistake they did. If only they just put the transit status as a "stopover" I wouldn't book the ticket at the first place and even if I did I would have applied for a chinese visa. I filed a complaint on their website (Dec 7) and they haven't replied back until now.



I agree. I cancelled a flight last year in September and was told that I couldn't get a refund, but I would receive credit.

Of course I was angry about not getting a refund, so I settled for the credit and was trying to decide how to use it. I talked to an Orbitz rep who told me that I only had one year to use it and that I had to use the air service provider that I had originally booked it with, All Nippon Airways. I was angry at this, because I thought that I should be able to use my credit for any flight on Orbitz, since that was who I was paying. Again, I settled for only flying with All Nippon Airways.

Then, I realized that ANA was only international flights and my credit would basically be useless, since I was not planning on traveling abroad in 4 months. However, during that time I moved to South Korea, where my credit could be used more practically. I decided to book a flight to Japan using the ANA credit with Orbitz. First, I was not able to do any of this online, which was annoying to begin with.

Second, if I had any questions- the Live Chat was not open during my times of need. So, of course I had to call orbitz, with no 1-800 number from outside of the US. I was calling from my cell phone to an international number and my phone call was 50 minutes long, about 35 of that was spent waiting or put on hold. The representative that was helping me was not friendly and definitely not helpful.

He had no idea what he was doing. I knew more about my flight and my credit information and Orbitz' rules and regulations than he did. I was extremely annoyed and disappointed. After 50 minutes, I asked him several times that all I wanted was a flight to Tokyo using my credit, he HUNG UP on me.

A 50 minute international phone call from a cell phone is NOT cheap. I was livid. I called again only to be transfered to a different sales rep who had no interest in my complaint. She gave me DIFFERENT information.

She told me that I couldn't fly anywhere that I wanted using ANA. I could only go to the destinations that I had previously booked on my cancelled flight. I was shocked. Why was I getting different information from the same company??

She told me to go to ANA and talk to them. I went to the ANA Seoul office and they told me that they couldn't do anything and that I had to deal with Orbitz. I was so confused and I had no idea who to trust and what I could do. I'm so angry, because no one in Orbitz seemed to be on the same page or knew about their own company's rules and regulations.

Please learn and read about your rules. Do not misinform your customers to confuse them. International flights are NOT cheap and should not be thrown around easily. I am losing over $800, time, and an hour and a half worth of international phone calls made from my cell phone.

I do not want to see my cell phone bill.

I believe that Orbitz needs to refund me on the cost of those calls. Can something, anything be done about this?

to Jerry Columbia, South Carolina, United States #610000

I wish I had read your posts earlier. I had the same experience when I first wanted to book an extra flight (because I was afraid I was gonna miss the previous flight that I tried to connect), and the representative told me there would be no extra cancellation fee or charges and I can use the credit for a year.

I go back home every year and will have to fly anyways, and thus I agreed to buy the extra flight ticket and it turned out that I arrived on time. But now 6 months later, when I tried to use the credit, they told me that I had to pay for the change fee and service fee, together $180, that is ridiculous.

I wonder if there is anyway to deal with that. I issued a phone call review anyways, and I will see what comes next.


I second that. My brother tried to book a flight to India, everything was confirmed.

The next day when we checked online we noticed that they cancelled the last flight of the journey and did not even bother to notify us. When we called them up they blamed it on the airlines and asked us to call the airlines. The airlines blamed it on Orbitz. Orbitz coolly said they were going to issue a refund but not a full refund and that cancellation charges would apply.

Or we can pay extra to book the flight which they cancelled for no reason.

They are just wasting our time and trying to charge us more for no mistake of ours. I would definitely NOT recommend Orbitz to anyone booking an international flight.



I work for Orbitz and would like to see how we may help you. Please provide us with your contact information.

Thank you.

to Orbitz #781365

My contact # 013-623-0268

My name is Erik i'm in Niseko, Japan

and am desperate for help.

Thank you



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