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I was on the phone with orbitz for 3 freaking HOURS !!! after they double charged me debit card took my money the website crashed and NO TICKETS I HAVE TO WAIT TO GET MY MONEY BACK!!!!!!!

then I tried buying tickets thru their calling system the woman using the computer could NOT book my flight because she didn't know HOW TOO.

I was transferred to the supervisor that had a real heavy accent I could NOT understand him and not only that had an attitude when I emphasized the fact that I want my money back in my debit card!!!!! I HATE ORBITZ PEOPLE


Monetary Loss: $650.

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I am on hold going on 3 hours with jokes by the name of Natalia and Troy. PLEASE DO NOT USE ORBITZ!!!

Bloomington, Illinois, United States #732916

I have had multiple problems with Orbitz. I could not book a certain portion of my vacation online because it came up with an error every time after it took my credit card information and said it was processing.

It said something to the order of cannot process at this time try again later but no reason as to the root cause of the error. Well it never did work so I called Orbitz. They tried and the exact thing happened to them. They didn't know why either.

I tried changing several minor details with no luck. Well I then tried an alternate credit card because I had booked the rest of my trip a short while before booking the remainder. This was while I was on the phone with Orbitz. My reservation finally went through after the change I tried without their input.

I went to check the My Trips section later and saw it new reservation didn't show up. I waited overnight and it still never showed up. I found out they added an 's' to my email name. I asked them to change it to my account and they said they could not, even after talking to supervisors and techn ical support.

Now I am stuck with the hassle of using a non existing email to check on my plans with no updates sent to me and Orbucks in an account I will never use. That where my problems begin.

Afterwards it even got worse but I will not go on as this entry is already way too long. :(

Manhattan, New York, United States #711759

I had the same experience. So frustrating! We just launched a campaign on to hold Orbitz accountable:

Russellville, Arkansas, United States #695125

I have been struggling with Cheap Tickets/Orbitz/British Airways since May to obtain a ticket refund. They are experts at pointing the finger at each other and have no interest in even answering direct questions regarding who received my $1600 fare.

A letter to Christopher Orton, President of Orbitz in Chicago has also fallen on deaf ears. That says it all about the company...avoid using Cheap Tickets/Orbitz.

The money you MIGHT save will be irrelevant if there is a problem and you need Customer Service assistance.

to John #726767

You know tickets are non-refundable right? Unless you have a medical or death in the family reason.

Then orbitz/cheaptickets will deal with the airline to get you a refund. But in the end, in all likely hood.. look at your credit card statement.. it was charged by British Airways.

So... they are the folks who will need to refund...


I use orbitz all the time. Never had a problem.


Hi Coco,

My name is Lynne, and I am part of the Orbitz Customer Relations Team. We want to learn more about your experience so that we can address the issue. Please email us at and enter my name in the subject line, so that I can investigate further.

Thank you for your patience, and I look forward to hearing back from you.



Orbitz Customer Relations

Chicago, IL


Mistake #1: using your debit card instead of a credit card for any purchase online.

Mistake #2: using a third party company like Orbitz to book a flight, hotel, anything.

Mistake #3: expecting most companies nowdays to speak English and have good customer service.

Some of us warned you when Clinton signed all the free trade/Nafta nonsense.

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