This past weekend we had a 30th birthday celebration planned with a trip to New York. We booked a vacation package through oribtz. Upon arrival at the airport we were notified that our flight was delayed from 6:58 am to 7:25am. We then found out the entire flight had been cancelled. We were put on standby for the 840am flight and we did not make it because we were told it was full as was the next flight at 11:25am. We then went to customer service and were told that we would have to wait on standby for the day and they could not guarantee us a flight out until 9:30pm that night and it didn't even land in NYC, it landed "near" NYC. . Well this didn't help us at all because the 30th birthday was that day (March 24th) and we had dinner reservations for 7:30pm in NYC and hotel reservations. Without a guarantee of a flight we would have been waiting at the airport all day. The day was ruined. We then spent HOURS on the phone with customer service and received not only the run around, but the line hung up on us at least 3 times after waiting for 15minutes on hold. We were told that we weren't guaranteed a refund because the trip was non refundable. How can you not refund something you guys cancelled? We didn't want to stay in Chicago, we WANTED to go to New york. The error was not our fault.

We will never use Orbitz again and will continue to deter our family and friends from booking on your website. Your customer service reps were of NO help to us. They didn't even take proper notes about our case, when we called back after being told they had to wait for a manager at the hotel. they had no idea what we were talking about!!

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My name is Kristi, and I am part of the Orbitz Customer Relations Team. We want to learn more about your experience so that we can address the issue. Please email us at socialnetwork@orbitz.com and enter my name in the subject line, so that I can investigate further. Thank you for your patience, and I look forward to hearing back from you. Sincerely,


Orbitz Customer Relations

Chicago, IL


This is what happens when people book flights or hotels, etc. with Orbitz, Expedia, etc.

When something happens, you are out of luck and "put on hold" for interminable periods of time. Always, always book directly with the airline or hotel.

That way, when they cancel a flight, for example, they take care of you. Frustrating, but now you and everyone reading this knows.

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