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I contact Asiana Ho Chi Minh city to cancel my flight for my dad, originally booked through Orbitz, for the return trip on Feb 28, 2012. I was told by the airline staff that i need to contact Orbitz for my refund.

When i get back to the us, I was told it would take 45 days for the refund to come through. It is May 1st today and I still not have my refund credited back. I contact Orbitz, who told me to contact Asiana airlines, whom would be the one who credit the refund. After 30 minutes on the phone with Orbitz agent, she gave me the Asiana airline email/phone to call to follow up with them.

This, is the bad service i have ever received from any airlines.

Asiana airlines rep still did not get back to me nor contact me regarding my email and phone message. As of right now, i'd like to have my refund back and never have to use Orbitz nor Asiana airlines ever again.

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Hi, Anonymous,

This is Robert, and I am part of the Orbitz Customer Relations team. We want to learn more about your experience so that we can address the issue. Please email us at socialnetwork@orbitz.com. Please use my name in the subject line, so that I can investigate further.

Thank you for your patience, I look forward to hearing from you.


Robert Woyach

Orbitz Customer Relations

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