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Let's call this post, how Orbitz is tried to steal $3600 from us.

My wife booked a trip for herself and our 4 year old son to Pittsburgh for my wife's grandmother's 90th surprise party. Unfortunately, the day before leaving our son developed a high fever (105 degrees). My wife called and "postponed" the trip. She was told she would be subject to a change fee ($360 total... okay,that's fair) and that all she had to do to use the "credit" was to re-book the travel on the same airlines with the same passenger names.

She received a cancellation e-mail that contained no specific instructions on how travel was to be rebooked, only that she now had a credit for the cost of travel minus the "change fees".

She rebooked travel on and was careful to choose the exact same airlines (since it was a multiple airline flight) and even made sure to do her stops through the exact same cities.

Much to our surprise, 2 days later we weren't charged "the difference in fares minus the change fees", but, we were charged for a whole new fare.. an additional $3600.

We called customer service, ultimately getting to a supervisor who offered 0 help, but only tried to show us how hidden within the site (it took several clicks to get to this, NOT within the terms of service) that in order to use travel credit, you have to call a specific number and tell them you want to use your credit.. you can't just book on the same airline, with the same passengers as she was told on the phone when she cancelled.

After getting off the phone with this supervisor I wrote a letter to the CEO and head of customer service. Within several hours I received a phone call and thought the obvious flaw in their system would be resolved.


I was told that their hands were tied and there was nothing they could do.

WHAT?! They try to explain to me that this is all a "financial slight of hand" and even though my credit card statements say Orbitz and my confirmation came from Orbitz and I booked tickets through Orbitz, Orbtiz really isn't involved in the process and there is nothing they can do. I explained to them that I was already disputing the charge through American Express (the American Express rep was so enraged by the story he suggested a class action lawsuit against Orbitz for this behavior). Still, their answer was the same... the "best" they could offer was to offer a "credit" for the $360 change fees towards future travel (as if I would EVER use that website to book anything again). However, the $3600... well, too bad... too sad... it will stay as a "travel credit" on our account for a year good only towards the travel of the same 2 people on the same airline to the same city, for which we already re-booked travel.

Luckily, our story has a happy ending, as I called United Airlines directly and told them what Orbitz was trying to do. The United Airlines people were baffled that Orbitz had taken no steps to fix the problem and told us that it would have been easy for Orbitz to call United and get it straightened out. United was able to bypass Orbitz and refund us directly. Orbitz spent more time explaining to us why they can't do anything, than simply making a 10 minute call to United and fixing the problem.. but then Orbitz would have lost their commission on the $3600 they were trying to force us to keep as a "travel credit"... so obviously their commission is more important than doing what is right.

Monetary Loss: $3600.

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I read this review on another site just today. Great review and I hope people take your advice and stay away from Orbitz and other travel sites like Expedia, etc.

to nikalseyn #637535

Number One..Travel agencies and online ticketing outfits DO NOT get a dime in commission from the airlines, and havent for many years. Pretty sure they would have refunded if they had the authority to do so.

Once the airlines get their money..the ball is in their court. I dont agree with the customer service you received by Orbitz..but keep in mind..folks are only taking instruction from the airlines. Which by the way are notorious for blaming Travel agencies instead of taking the blame themselves for their outrageous fares/penalties and restrictive ticket. Next time I encourage you to utilize a REAL FULL SERVICE Travel Agency in your local neighborhood, where there is an actual person sitting at a desk.

Guaranteed they will FIGHT for your money back every time!! ...just saying..

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