My fiancee and I booked our trip to Mexico 2 months ago thru Orbitz. Big mistake! My wife booked the wrong returning flight time. She booked it at 6am coming home rather than 6pm so we immediately called Orbitz that same day. The Rep advised us that she was going to call Aeromexico and see if they could change it and call us back. She advised us that worse case scenario we could still cancel within 24 hours still and just rebook. We waited and never heard back. The next day we get a change of itinerary email so we think to ourselves great they made the change! Nope. For some reason they changed our departing flight from LAX to Mexico and left our original issue the same.

We called them back a few days later to find out there would be a charge of $200 per ticket since its out of the 24 hour window! $400!!! The two tix only cost $600+!!! I explain that we called and spoke to

a rep named Irma within minutes of the booking but of course they have no notes of the call. The rep says she will check the call recordings and places me on hold for over 30 minutes without even letting me know of it. She finally calls back and says the call took place in a different center so she would have to call over. I said fine, call me back and i gave her my cell AND office number. I She even made her repeat it back to me. She said "I will call you back today for sure sir". That call was at noon.

Im leaving my office at 630 and still no call back so I call them. I wait for 20 minutes to get thru and of course the next rep (Greg) tells me theres no notes in that account about any call today. I almost lost it. I spent 45 minutes with the rep earlier and she assured me she would call back. Low and behold, he places me on hold and hangs up on me. So I call back....

...I spend an hour and 48 minutes on this next call with a "supervisor " (Catherine). She was the worst of them all. She first says Aeromexico would have to waive the charges, then she says shes gonna check the original call recording, places me on hold for 20 minutes, THEN comes back and says theres nothing they can do BUT she wasnt able to obtain the recording because its in a different center. At this point i was extremely angry and started recording the call with my significant others phone. She finally says to give her 3 days and she will call me back.

She doesn't call me back. That same day she said she'd call I ended up calling 2 times and they kept telling me she was unavailable. She finally calls back at 8pm that night. She then says, "I investigated the call and we wont be able to help you out". I then asked her what she heard on the call and she wouldn't say. I then asked her if she heard the call and she said Yes. I then said, "you listened to the call and found me at fault?" She said Yes! I then told her that it was a boldface lie and i was going to record her saying what she was saying. She hung up. Keep in mind she had my number and could have called back if the call dropped. I called back and talked to another Supervisor who seemed competent. After an hour with her she said she had no notes of Catherine calling me but she did say that the original call was unavailable. Ahe offered to pay half of the change costs. I then advised her that if this would have been a week ago before this whole debacle then I might have taken it but I didnt see it fit after proving time and time again how irresponsible they were that I should have to pay anything. Keep in mind I recorded this convo as well.

I tried back a few times and spoke to another Supervisor and told him of my trouble and he confirmed that the original call was unavailable and they would only pay half of the costs.

I have since sent a letter to the BBB, will post the videos on YouTube and have sent my story to Fox11 news. As well, i will email their customer complaint department with copies of my call logs to show the excessive amount of calls I had to make.

I will be paying the half for the sake of enjoying my vacation but as far as Im concerned, Orbitz ruined it. Their a joke. They "monitor their calls for training and quality assurance???" Give me a break!


Rey Ramirez


Review about: Orbitz Flight Booking.

Monetary Loss: $450.

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It really is a customer unfriendly company that puts you in a loop with no help if you try to contact them after you have booked. I had two computer savvy clerks try to help me cancel several days of my motel stay and they were put in a hopeless loop that just kept repeating itself.

From now on I will book with the Motel, airlines or car rental service myself. I may pay a few dollars extra but will avoid the frustration and willful dodgings of Orbitz.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #632470

Hi Rey,

My name is Lynn, and I am part of the Orbitz Customer Relations Team. We want to learn more about your experience so that we can address the issue. Please email us at socialnetwork@cheaptickets.com and enter my name in the subject line, so that I can investigate further.

Thank you for your patience, and I look forward to hearing back from you.



Orbitz Customer Relations

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