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Basically I booked a round trip trip to Italy through orbitz. 3 of the 4 flights are correct. At time of purchase I have a print out showing the flight time I thought I was booking. When I received the confirmation email the flight time had changed, but I hadn't checked the email till a month later because I had the print out confirming my time. When I logged onto orbitz to book my seats, I was shocked to see what time I was flying. Because it was well past the 24 hour window I couldn't cancel or change the flight. Though they said they would change it for a nice small fee of $500.

Calling customer service they were almost borderline rude, or just very incompetent. I tried to to explain my situation over and over again but they said there was no mistake and that the flight never changed. I said that I agreed it probably didn't change, but they had made a mistake when they advertised the flight. They denied that this was possible and that the flight had always been at that time. I asked how it was possible I had a print out saying differently, but they said this made no difference because the flight had never changed.

While my trip isn't ruined, my last day of travel is going to be a nightmare and we will have to revise the last night of our trip. I am so disappointed and can't believe how poor the customer service was dealing with orbitz. I have booked over $10,000 worth of flights through orbitz since I stared traveling 10 years ago, but will never use this site again! Also the manager rudely said that the only thing they could do to help is change the flight for $500. They just lost a customer. I told the manager this and she seemed to care less. A very poor company.

I recommend no one use this site again!

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